Self-Defense Legal Seminar (SDL)

This class is designed to look at the elements of self-defense other than carrying a concealed firearm. Beginning with the necessary mindset for self-defense and use of force the seminar will also cover legal issues, the use of force, interaction with police after an incident and the use and legality of non-lethal weapons. There is no range time or shooting in this seminar, however participants will be confronted with a series of actual cases involving self-defense.

Verbal Crisis Resolution (VCR)

This class is aimed at equipping the participant with the verbal skills that will enhance their ability to resolve many situations verbally while leaving any use of force as a last resort. Participants will be involved in role-playing scenarios to practice the skills introduced in this course.

Refuse To Be A Victim (RAV)

The Refuse To Be A Victim class is an NRA-based program addressing crime prevention and personal safety for both men and women. This class will focus on personal preparedness and how to be pro-active in the area of personal safety.

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