Range Night – Fall 2016

muzzleloading1Well this Thursday September 22, 2016 is not only our regularly scheduled range night it is also the first day of fall. It’s hard to believe 2016 is winding down already. Soon our shooting evenings will be limited by the daylight available. At least some cooler weather should be coming our way. The past few range nights have been very warm.

This week we will be having our annual black powder night. If you own a black powder gun; be it rifle, pistol or shotgun please bring it out. Last year we had a good turnout and everyone seemed to like learning about and shooting the different era firearms.

5;15 pm at the Cedarville range. See you there.

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Range Night

fallThursday September 8, 2016 is once again range night. Those that came out last time enjoyed an evening of shooting AR-15s at approximately 80 yards.

This week will be an ordinary range night with no special theme. As usual the range will be set up for shooting handguns.

The evenings are getting shorter and our time for shooting outdoors is quickly coming to an end for this year so come on out and enjoy this last summer evening range night of 2016. Fall begins on our next range night Thursday September 22, 2016.

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