Black Rifle Night

BRThis Thursday evening August 25, 2016 will be our regularly scheduled range night and has been designated as Black Rifle night in honor of Armalite’s AR15 rifle designed in part by Eugene Stoner. As such, the range will be set up for rifle shooting however, we always find a way to also accommodate those of you wishing to shoot handguns.

If you own one of these terrific rifles or are able to borrow one (yes, it is still legal to borrow a firearm from a friend or relative as long as you are not otherwise prohibited from owning a firearm) plan on joining us for a fun evening of shooting this rifle that played such a big role in American history.

Hope to see you 5:15 at the Cedarville range. Who knows? There may even be some spontaneous friendly competition.



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Range Night

This Thursday August 11, 2016 is our regularly scheduled range night. We will be set up for a normal evening of handgun shooting this week. Our last range night was designated as vintage rifle night and we had a good turn-out with quite a few interesting old military rifles on hand.

Hope to see you this Thursday at 5:15 pm on the Cedarville range!

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