Range Night

Tomorrow June 23, 2016 is our next range night. The range will be set up for rifle shooting, however handgun shooting will still be possible for those who wish to shoot targets at a closer distance. Hope you will join us in Cedarville at 5:15 pm.

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Range Night – June 9, 2016

Untitled-2This Thursday June 9, 2916 is our regularly scheduled range night and the range will be set up for normal pistol shooting. This summer it has been decided that we will have the range set up for pistol shooting on the first range night of the month, and rifle shooting on the second range night of the month. This will allow those who prefer to shoot rifles or handguns at distances farther than we normally set up for to be able to join us at the range. We even have some rifle theme nights planned such as vintage rifles, military rifles, and a few others.

Hope to see you this Thursday in Cedarville at 5:15 pm.

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