Last Outdoor Range Night of the Season

header3Thursday evening at 5:15 pm will be our last outdoor range night of 2014. We are planning on a Black Powder theme with the range set up for longer distance than we normally set up for pistol shooting. Last year’s Black Powder event was a huge success and everyone in attendance had a good time shooting the vintage firearms. This year we are combining it with a general rifle shoot since the firing line will already be set up for the longer distance.

In addition to the fellowship and regular shooting activities, we will be having a cookout with hamburgers and hotdogs to celebrate the end of a good summer, looking forward to an equally good winter of indoor shooting to come.

If you like Black Powder firearms, shooting rifles, eating grilled food, or just fellowshipping with like minded friends, then join us this Thursday evening. We will begin promptly at 5:15 since the daylight is getting shorter.

Hope to see you there.

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Range Night

IMG_1882Tomorrow, October 9, 2014 will be our second to last outdoor range night of this year. If the weather cooperates, we will enjoy an evening of general target shooting. There is no specific agenda for tomorrow.

Next week however, for our last outdoor range night of the year, we are planning to have another Black Powder evening. Last year the black powder event was a huge success and everyone in attendance said they enjoyed shooting the antique as well as modern black powder firearms.

Hope to see you tomorrow evening at 5:15 pm… weather permitting.

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Report on Recent Advanced Handgun Class


On Saturday September 27th The Cedarville Marksmanship Club hosted its second Advanced Handgun/Active Shooter class. There were eight participants this year for the 10 hour class. The course was taught by Lon Etchison, fire arms instructor and detective with the Xenia Police Department. The day began with 5 hours of live fire instruction and drills covering such skill as placing multiple rounds on target rapidly and accurately, defensive shooting up close and personal, shooting while moving, and finally a chance to experience shooting from distances up to 75 feet from the target. Following a quick lunch break, the group reconvened at a local area church to experience force-on-force training inside the local church building.

The force-on-force training involved expert instruction on the clearing of halls, alcoves and rooms in the building without presenting oneself as a target to the “bad guys” assumed to be inside. The training experience then took a turn towards the ultra realistic.With the help of a group of volunteers to play the roll of victims and “bad guy”, and using airsoft training pistols, each participant had the opportunity to experience a real life situation in which an evil person was threatening innocent people with great bodily harm, or worse. Each participant had to react to the sound of gunshots (blanks), the screams and scattered bodies of wounded victims (the volunteer actors), to locate the “bad guy” (volunteer actor) and put an end to their evil deeds without getting shot themselves. As always, safety was the top priority and all involved wore appropriate face and ear protection.

We all hope and pray that this type of training will never be needed, but as the axiom goes… “it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”. Any expert will tell you… train, train, train! Take as many classes as your time and budget will allow.

Here is what a few of the participants had to say on their evaluation forms about this course;

“. . .great class. . .”  (Matt)
” . . .small class size was just right – very helpful. . .” (Jim)
“. . .excellent, beneficial information. . .”  (Darren)
“. . .a great class. . .informative and ideas of how to improve at home. . .’ (Miranda)

We are planning to host yet another class in the Spring of 2015, so if you’re interested, check back here often for more information. Additionally, I just learned today that Lon would like to possibly schedule a refresher course for those who have  already taken this class. It will most likely be sometime this winter and would be a half day of more force-on-force scenarios.
There’s no doubt, this type of training is extremely valuable for any concealed carry permit holder who is concerned about protecting loved ones and others in public setting or wherever evil presents itself. We don’t get to choose the time or place, that’s the prerogative of the “Bad Guy”. We however, do not have to cower in a corner or hope to depend on the “benevolent mercy” of the armed intruder.

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