Range Night

You are invited to join us for Range Night tomorrow evening, August 28, 5:15 pm at the Cedarville Municipal Police Range. There is no particular agenda planned, it will just be a fun night of  “shoot what you bring”.  Come out and enjoy a summer evening of relaxed target practice. Hope to see you there.

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Advanced Handgun Class Update

Here are a few more details on our upcoming Advanced Handgun class:

Advanced Handgun/Active Shooter Response
September 27, 2014

Location: To be determined

Registration Fees Includes all related class materials. It DOES NOT cover the price of ammunition.

 BEFORE SEPTEMBER 15                     AFTER SEPTEMBER 15

With lunch provided                        $125                                                     $135

Without lunch                                  $120                                                     $130

Firearm experience/status:
You must have either a current Concealed Handgun License, or you must show proof of completion of an NRA basic pistol course in order to enroll in this class.

 Pistol                                              3 magazines/speed loaders
 Belt Holster                                    magazine pouch for at least 1
 200 rounds                                    eye & ear protection
 Baseball hat w/a brim                    long-sleeve shirt/sweatshirt
 gloves (optional)

For additional information or to request a registration form contact The Cedarville Marksmanship Club at;

Phone: 937-708-9549

Email: cedarvillemarksmanship@gmail.com

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Range Night Moved to Tuesday!

NOTICE: Our firimagesst range night of August has been moved to this Tuesday evening due to a conflict at the range. The time remains the same, 5:15 pm. Hope to see you there!

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Advanced Notice for our Advanced Handgun Training Class








On Saturday September 27th, the Cedarville Marksmanship Club will host its second Advanced Handgun class. The first class of this kind was held back on April 27 of 2013 with 11 people participating. This is a 10-hour course that focuses on advanced carry-conceal and active shooter response. The class is open to anyone who currently holds a Concealed Handgun License. Upon completion of this course you will be better prepare you to handle a real life situation in which you may have to use your handgun to defend your life or the lives of your loved ones. Lon Etchison and Fred Barker, two seasoned Xenia police training officers, teach the course.

The morning begins with three to four hours of live fire on the range. This is not just punching holes in paper, but rather, coached and supervised drills. These drills are designed to make you better at, and more confident in, drawing your firearm from concealment and placing hits on target as quickly as possible. Moving while placing rounds on target and reloading may be necessary.

After a quick lunch break, the group reconvenes at a local church building to learn and practice tactics of clearing a building, room by room, given the scenario that a “bad guy” is present and perpetrating evil. These “force-on-force” drills at the church are performed using airsoft pistols, which are extremely realistic replicas of the handgun they represent. Even the action operates in recoil, just as their “real” counterpart firearm does. This gives a very safe, yet extremely realistic training experience. A debriefing session follows each drill to discuss what you did right and, well…, lets just say what you could have done differently. I guarantee, these drills will challenge you!

If you choose to participate in this day of training, I am convinced you will leave much better equipped and much more confident in your preparedness to handle a situation in which you are forced to use your handgun. How can I say that, you may ask. Well, I am one of the 11 individuals that participated in the first class and I can say without reservation that this class has been, by far, the best class I have ever taken concerning firearms. It was also the best use for 200 rounds of .45 ACP that I could ever have thought of.

Additional details will be forthcoming. Check back here for registration information as it becomes available. Class size is limited, so if you are interested in this awesome opportunity to acquire some great training locally, be prepared to register when the time to do so is here.

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