Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Visit


This past Thursday Attorney General Mike DeWine and Deputy Chief Counsel Jonathan Fulkerson visited Cedarville University to speak concerning the Ohio Concealed Carry  laws and the Ohio Castle Doctrine law. A Q & A time followed the presentation. Some of the questions asked involved; the limits of the Castle Doctrine law, the difference between open & concealed carry in Ohio, and even laws relating to self-defense in cases of animal attack. Approximately 70 people were in attendance and the afternoon proved to be very informative. It was especially so for those of us concerned about our God given right to legally carry a firearm for the defense of   ourselves and our loved ones. 
Our thanks to Attorney General Mike DeWine and Deputy Chief Counsel Jonathan Fulkerson for taking the time to visit Cedarville.
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Range Night – Bring Out Your Favorite Gun


Tomorrow night, September 12th is range night. The theme this week is bring what ever you want and just have fun shooting your favorite gun or guns. Keep in mind that the firing line will be set up for handguns (Approximately 25 feet), so rifle shooting may have to wait until those shooting handguns are through.

A quick trip to the store tonight revealed that the ammo shortage may be easing up a bit, so be sure to join us tomorrow at 5:15 for a relaxing evening of fun and fellowship at the range. We’ll save the pressure of NRA qualifications for another night.

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Attorney General Mike Dewine at Cedarville University

Thursday  September 17, 2013, Attorney General Mike Dewine will be at Cedarville University for a presentation on the latest topics and legislation concerning Concealed Carry. The presentation will be held in the DeVries Theater, located in the Stevens Student Center, from 4 -5 pm.

If you have an Ohio Concealed Handgun License and legally carry a handgun in the state Ohio, or if you’re even considering it,  you won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear first hand what’s happening concerning concealed carry in Ohio. The presentation is open to the public and seating is limited. Stay Informed!

For more information contact The Cedarville Marksmanship                                                        Club at or by calling                                                            937-708-9549.

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Introductory Handgun Class


The Cedarville Marksmanship Club  is offering an Introductory Handgun Class on Saturday, September 14th.

This class will introduce you to handguns,  how they function, their various parts, proper use, and proper storage. You do not need to own a gun to take this class.  If you are considering buying a gun for the first time, or if you have already purchased a handgun but have never used it, then this class may be just what you need. Maybe you used to do some shooting but its been a long time… again, this is the class for you.

The class begins at 8:00 in Cedarville and is approximately 4 hours in lenght. The cost is $25.

If you are interested in this class, please contact The Cedarville Marksmanship Club via email or by calling 937-708-9549.

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Advanced Handgun Class








On Saturday September 28th at 8:00 AM The Cedarville Marksmanship Club will host its second Advanced Handgun class. The first class of this kind was held back on April 27 of this year with 11 people participating. While the class is designed primarily for church security team members, it is open to anyone who currently holds a Concealed Handgun License. This class will better prepare you to handle a real life situation in which you may have to use your handgun to defend your life or the lives of your loved ones.The class consists of three to four hours of live fire on the range. This is not just punching holes in paper, but rather, coached and supervised drills. These drills are designed to make you better at, and more confident in, drawing your firearm from concealment and placing hits on target as quickly as possible.

After a quick lunch break, the group reconvenes at a local church to learn and practice tactics of clearing a building, room by room, given the scenario that a “bad guy” is perpetrating evil. All of the drills at the church are performed using airsoft pistols, which are an extremely realistic replica of the handgun they represent. Even the action operates in recoil just as the “real” gun does. This gives a very safe, yet extremely realistic training experience.


If you choose to participate in this day of training, I am convinced you will leave much better equipped and much more confident in your preparedness to handle a situation in which you are forced to use your handgun. How can I say that, you may ask. Well, I am one of the 11 individuals that participated in the first class and I can say without reservation that this class has been, by far, the best class I have ever taken concerning firearms. It was also the best use for 250 rounds of .45 ACP  that I could ever have thought of.

Registration material can be obtained by contacting The Cedarville Marksmanship Club at or by calling 937-708-9549.


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A Look Back in Time






On August 22, The Cedarville Marksmanship Club hosted a Black Powder range night. Several club members brought out their black powder firearms and allowed the rest of us to enjoy shooting them. Represented, were firearms from colonial times as well as modern inline black powder rifles with scopes. Doug Atkins brought his double barrel shotgun and everyone had fun trying to hit clay targets with it. The biggest challenge was trying to see if you hit your target through all of the white smoke.

All in all, it was a good evening of fun and fellowship remembering how things were done a few hundred years ago. So, the next time we gather to turn black powder into smoke, noise and fun, please make every effort to join us.

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