What a blast!

While we missed some of our regular members – we had a short 2-gun timed competition.  Each 2-man teams ran a gauntlet were the final shot was a can of shaving cream – what a blast!!!!

While there was no promised prize – the team of John Prugh and Don Grigorenko earned the top bragging rights with a two-run combined total of only 60.7 seconds.

James Veldt and Tim Phipps earned the runner-up honors with a combined time of 72.8 seconds.

Look for photos of our time together on facebook –  and we look forward to seeing you at our next range night!

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Miami Valley NRA

From 11 am until 2 pm on Saturday, August 25 the NRA celebrates the grand opening of their Miami Valley office.  Located at 8943 Kingsridge Rd. behind the Dayton Mall, you are envited to stop by and meet NRA representative James Lee and other Miami Valley NRA members.

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Return to the Range

After a sporatic summer at the range, we returned with enthusiasm today.  We missed many of our regulars, but were excited to see old friends and new faces.  Among the new was NRA representative James Lee.  We were excited to have him visit with us and several in our group took the time to talk extensively with him. We all had a great time – if you missed it – we missed you.  Pictures will follow shortly and we look forward to seeing more of our regulars in two weeks!

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